Protect Your Business


Our zero-knowledge security platform scales to meet the size and requirements of your organization.

For business that needs advanced provisioning, reporting tools and delegated administration.

Mitigates Risk of Data Breaches

Keeper creates random, high-strength passwords for all your websites and applications then stores them in a secure vault on all your devices.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Saves employees time, frustration and eliminates the need for them to reset, reuse and remember passwords.

Bolsters Password Security and Privacy

Each employee gets a private, encrypted vault for storing and managing their passwords, credentials, files and private client data.

Strengthens Compliance Standards

Supports role-based controls, 2FA, auditing, event reporting and industry compliance with HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR and more.

Private Vaults for Each Employee

Everyone gets a private vault to store and manage their passwords, files and private client data.

Admin Console

Distributes, manages and monitors Keeper across your entire organization and enforces password security, 2FA and other data security policies.

Password Security Audit Score and Reporting

Keeper provides visibility into your password security with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards.

Keeper protects businesses of all sizes

Keeper manages your passwords to prevent data breaches, improve employee productivity, cut help-desk costs and meet compliance standards.

Keeper protects businesses of all sizes across every industr

Secure your passwords to prevent data breaches, improve employee productivity and meet compliance standards.

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Additional Information

KeeperMSP is the most secure cybersecurity and password management platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyberthreats. Designed exclusively for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), KeeperMSP provides a powerful and easy-to-use platform enabling you to protect your customers’ and your own passwords and sensitive data in secure, encrypted vaults. You can provision, manage and audit all of your customers from a central admin console, while still maintaining stringent privacy and security policies for all users.


A must-have product for your MSP business

Protect Passwords, Credentials and Metadata

Store and manage your customers’ and your MSP’s own passwords, credentials, files and private data.

Generate New Revenue Streams

Earn recurring licensing revenue for password security management, monitoring and ancillary services.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Strengthen your customer relationships by adding high-value, high-margin service to your MSP capabilities